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Carrots are very good for prevention against parasites. You can give carrots to your dog three times a week, for it to crunch it as a bone, or grate it and add to meat.

Parasites are also afraid of garlic. Give your dog a head or half a head of garlic two times a week!

Grated garlic is great as a prevention measure against ticks in spring. Give it two times a week. But be careful just a littel bit: some dogs may be allergic to garlic and, as a result, they can vomit. Your dog will have much less ticks.

With wet wounds, after disinfection, sugar will help. Powder it over the wound: it will close quickly and develop a crust. A well refined sugar also has an antiseptic effect.

With a simple abscess, at first we advise to use Vishnevsky ointment, and propolis afterwards.

If your dog has rough breathing, but no inner or jaw disorders, what can help is melissa cut to very small pieces and a small amount of parsley added to the dog's feed.

Gastric acidity disorder. Add pineapple juice or the processed fruit itself to the food directly before the meal. Give one table spoonful to a big dog and one teaspoonful to a small one. If you dig cannot stand the taste of pineapple, add some honey.

If your pregnant or nursing dog, or your puppy has lack of vitamins; if your dog does not grow well, has a thyroid gland or liver disorder, do the following: soak dry apricots in water, make a puree with this water and give it to the dog.


Honey really works wonders, if you use real honey, cold-made, and not hot-processed. You should give honey if you need to strengthen the immune system, for healing of wounds, in some cases of upper respiratory tracks diseases. It works good for the general metabolism and for disinfection of body and liver.

If spread over a wound, it will have a disinfecting effect. It will heal abscesses and wet wounds, as well as wet tetters. They soon get dry and sterile, and as a result, quickly heal up. Honey also helps if your dog has been having an abscess or an ulcer for a long time: it makes the treatment and division of cells faster, which makes the wound close up. You can make a very effective ointment yourself: mix up 2/3 of honey and 1/3 of fish oil.

Other popular medicines are: honey with onion juice against coughing, honey with rye flour, honey with herbs.

Honey has antibiotic effect and often can replace sulfamides and medicines. Honey contains such important minerals as: potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesia, phosphorus acids, iron, copper, mangan, vitamins: B1, B2, B6, C, biotin and nicotineamide, as well as ferments (diastatic and invertase enzymes) and acetilcholyne.

It is necessary to support the immune system for 2 weeks before and after vaccinations, as well as after ailments and in case of chronic diseases. For this purpose honey is also a great thing. Give at least half a teaspoonful two times a week to a big dog. You can also add dry hips to the dog's feed as spices.

You can also add Echinacea drops: a small children dose for big dogs, and half this dose for small dogs.

As a prevention measure against joint diseases can be the following treatment: kitchen gelatin powder mixed up to the food; two times a year for two weeks give a big dog one teaspoonful daily, a medium dog - half of the dose.

Against eating of excrements not only the K1 vitamin can help. You can first try the following home medicine: soak a beef or lamb kidney in hot water for 5 minutes, then leave it for one day and give it to the dog. The dog will like it. Repeat this three times within 10 days. It is important that the kidney should have a not very pleasant smell!

Our advice will not replace seeing a veterinarian, but they can be good prevention measures in case your pet has small problems.

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