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Companys guidelines

Our Aim

Quality shows by the fact, that customers return to us and not our merchandise.

Your pleasure and satisfaction will be our success.

We stay for the longlasting and successfull friendly cooperation with our costomers.

Your recommendation to your friends is one of our significant success-parameters.

Our philosophy for production

We live in accordance with the environment and renounce to the feeding of genetically manipulated crop-additives for animals and cultivation of genetical manipulated plants.

No animals will be malled, which recently were treated with antibiotics and no hormones will be used in our elevation.

The meat has to be of first quality. The pieces of meat will be pared according to EC-Gourmetrequirements. Our meat has at least to match the quality of Argentine fillet.

For dry products no additives such as sulfur will be used. Our products are freshly gathered and delivered within a period of less than 18 hours after harvesting or will be dried at a temperature of max. 40 degrees Celsius for maintaining the vitamines.

Our animals are kept under conditions of their kind. Our sheeps are every day free on the field, goose are kept free in a great area in the evening and are fed with the best corn. Rabbits have big and quiet shelters and good crop.

For garden-stuff, seasonings and salads we almost renounce on chemical fertilizers and plant protection due to our actualized ways of production.

For outside produced products offered by us, based on contractual conditions, the same conditions are valid as for our own products. The respect by suppliers is permanently controlled by us as warrantor of our Trade Mark.

Staff Policy

By the knowledge, that staff is a precious part of our entrepreneurial activity, we want to create an openminded prescient policy in human relations, future orientated working conditions, where our staff feels well and excel by their ability, engagement and good cooperation .

We lead aim- and result orientated, as well as with a sens for social responsibility.

Furthermore, we want to assist our staff by developing their desire for achievements, thir initiative and their capabilities and lead them to responsible and active actions for the interest of the wholt company and the ecology.

Behavior versus others

By pursuing our economic aims, we want to respect the principles of truth, jbjectivity and fairness and with real achievements to build up an image of the company, which will create trust in our products and in our company.

Success, respectability and stability implicate, that everyone fully identifies himself with the policy of the company and their aims.

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