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You are a foreigner and have come to Moscow with your dog?
You surely have some questions about having a dog in Russia. Where can you walk your dog?
We advise you the Sokolniki park: after 8 p.m. you can meet there many people with their dogs for your dog to play with. You surely will meet all possible breeds. On week-ends it will to your dog good to have fun outside Moscow. Your acquaintances having dachas can help. Locals can give good advice about routs, forests and rivers. Dog's excrements are not allowed at places where children play and should be taken away in a plastic bag, the same is true for sports grounds. Usually near the houses there are grass spots, where all dogs are brought to do their small and big businesses, and it is not necessary to clean up after them, because those zones are not meant for walking. You should take care everywhere where you can find glass or bottles. Unfortunately there are always some fellow creatures who leave broken glass in such a way, that their sharp edges stick out and dogs can cut their hendons and arteries! In this case you should get medical aid as soon as possible. Among our links you will find a list of various veterinary clinics with tips about each of them!

The English version does not contain texts about feeding and nourishment of your dog: the English-speaking Internet has enough forums and web sites to this question. Some of the tips you can get in the list of resources for dog owners.

For those, who feed their dogs with raw meat we recommend the meat delivery service We've been ordering food for our Dog there for a long time and we are totally satisfied with the quality and service! Our acquaintances ordering there also give only positive feed-back. The delivery is very stable and their employees are very nice and friendly.

There is a network of supermarkets for pets in Moscow. You can find the closest one at!

If you have a short-hair dog, we advise for the cold time of the year when it's colder than minus 10 for you dog to wear a winter coat. You should also take care of its paws if there is ice in the streets and if there are reagents on the roads. Normally ice-breakers are used for pavements, but in the streets the reagents are poison fort he paws of our four-footed friends. It is absolutely necessary to carefully wash their paws after a walk outside!

Most of the dog owners in Moscow are very sociable and nice people. Most dogs are also very affable and adore to play with each other.

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