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Night's lodging for you, your family and your dog

Night's lodging for you, your family and your dog If you join us for lessons on Saturday, you might want to stay for the night. We have several offers:
1) If the weather is good, you can camp on the guarded territory of our farm. It is obligatory to order in advance, because we have a limited number of tents.

ATTENTION! It is forbidden to consume alcohol on the territory of the farm! Otherwise our guards will have to ask you to leave.
You can also have a nice camping on the beautiful river bank. This territory is not guarded, but here alcohol is not forbidden.
You can come with your own tent. Our workers will help you to choose the best place. We kindly ask you not to leave garbage when you go.

Deposit of 2000 Rubles; 150 Rubles for a 2-person tent. The price includes: usage of a kitchen (water boiler, fridge, microwave), toilets and simple air beds.

2).If you do not want to spend the night in a tent, we can offer you to stay at a recently removated 3-room apartment in Tovarkovo (30 km from the farm). It is necessary to order in advance, as only 2 rooms are provided. We ask you to wash your dog's paws after a walk. The dogs should be socially adapted. If the dogs to not know each other, then dogs of different genders can occupy same apartment.

Prices: one room: 300 Rubles for 2-4 people and a dog.

3). We can offer you to stay at a two-room apartment renovated according to European standards, sputnik TV and access to Internet, situated in the historical center of Kaluga. But we should note that the building has no elevator.

Prices Rubles for 1-2 persons 450 Rbl. Access to Internet is paid separately Note: only for socially adapted dogs, having no problem to stay with a young Great Dane (a gip).

Extra offers:

You and your kids can feed our animals, paint graffiti at our still unpainted concrete walls (we will provide everything you will need), paint eggs and learn many interesting things about the functioning of a biological farm.

Perhaps you might be interested to look at the sheep grazing (usually dogs are very interested). If you walk through a small village, in a few minutes you will reach the river bank, where you can swim and fish. In spring at sunrise in the forest you can see deers ( we can show you the place where you can see them most often).

In summer you can rent an air boat and go down the river till Tovarkovo (35 km). At the station our worker will wait for you and bring you back to the farm. Your acquaintances can also pick you up.

Children should not go along the river in a boat. This is for people who can swim. Price: deposit of 2000 Rubles. 300 Rubles for the boat with safety vests. 500 Rubles for a pick-up back to the farm and the boat.

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