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Digility is:

Pleasure, sport and adventure both for the dog and its master. We offer digility for big dogs like: Great Danes, Mastiffs, Irish Shepherd and for medium-size dogs: Boxers or Retrievers.

In a certain sense digility comes from agility, but here the focus is laid on not on sports ambitions, but on pleasure, trust and team feeling between the dog and the master. Besides that, here are not used such dangerous for young dogs apparatus like vertical walls or special tools for taking a "barrier" which may injure a dog's joints. Digility is a certain route for the dog to go through. On the way it will meet various challenges and obstacles: this is perfect for big dogs, puppies and dogs having problems with joints and hips.

Digility offers a big variety of barriers and exercises: from simple parkour to more complicated exercises with various tools. This a challenge for the body and spirit with the help of various elements and fascinating tasks - everything is combined here!

Digility is creative!

It offers many active games and tasks. Various constructions like a labyrinth or a suspension bridge offer a great chance for a common game of the dog and its master.

Parkour is interesting for all types of dogs no matter how old they are. Psychotherapists and psychologists advise this sport to develop the feeling of balance, mobility, muscle growth and self-reliance.

A pleasure for everyone!

It is important that you do not turn parkour into drilling. It should be relaxing both for you and your dog. Your voice of some tasty piece will also have a positive effect on your dog.

Whe you are at the advanced level, the dog will learn new words and gestures and it will know that it is much more convenient to fulfill your orders. If your dog likes parkour, you can get an instruction list from our therapist where you can find more games. Why parkour for big dogs? Most of dogs grounds offer parkour either for small dogs or parkour with vertical walls and other elements that should be avoided while a dog is growing. Our system is designed for Great Danes, that's why it is practically unique in Europe!

At our farm in Kaluga we offer digility lessons and teach dogs to get on tracks (more info here). We offer such lessons for gid and medium-size dogs.

For Dogs from 9 months and for grown-up dogs!

Youngsters of big breeds are divided into 1-2 groups from 11 till 13.30 a.m. They do parkour and, if they want, after a small rest they can join those who learn to get on tracks. Puppies from 15 months to 2 y.o. have lessons from 1 a.m., and adult dogs from 3 p.m.

First dogs are divided into groups according to their age, they get acquainted while playing, after that they are divided into digility groups depending on their sympathy to each other and their abilities. This process is observed by our therapist.

It is important here that your dog finds a common language with others. In some cases you might take individual lessons for your dog (in the evening) and discuss all behavioral problems with our therapist.

If you have two dogs of very different age or they are two best friends, they can be rained together at the same time, if there is an attendant for the other dog.

If you are interested, you can write an e-mail to our address specifying your dog's breed, gender, age, possibly also state of health, your name and the number of people coming. We will send you a location map, group schedule, number of your order and a list of things necessary for you and your dog.

For security reasons you need to get your order number, so that later you could show it to our security service (it is impossible to enter the territory without it).

Between the exercises your dog can run around the farm, meet other animals and simply rest. You can have a walk on the beautiful Ugra river bank or eat a shashlik (not included into the general price).

If you would like to come with children, they won't be bored either: they like our farm, we will tell your kinds how things function. If they like to paint, we will offer everything necessary for painting, including a big concrete wall for graffiti. If the weather is good, we advise you to go to Ugr river bank, where you can have a swim!

After the training you can get advise how to train the dog at home, in a part or a forest.


- parkour 140 Rubles per dog (1-1,5 hours). Maximal number of dogs in a group: 5 for beginners and 7 for advanced dogs.

- get-on-tracks trainings: 120 Rubles per dog (beginners and advanced). Every dog gets its own track!

Both types of trainings cost 200 Rubles per dog (in a group)

Dogs having heat at the moment can only have individual trainings, otherwise the whole group will be distracted. Dogs, regularly attending digility group trainings, get a 50% discount for individual parkour trainings and 25% for the get-on-track trainings.

- parkour: individual trainings cost 400 Rubles per dog, at 5 p.m. on Saturdays, on Sundays upon request (recommended for non-socialized dogs and for the heat period).

- get-on-tracks trainings: individual lessons cost 200 Rubles per dog at 5 p.m. on Saturdays, on Sundays upon request (recommended for non-socialized dogs and for advanced dogs).

If you would not like to go home after the trainings, and would like to spend the week-end in Kaluga region, we will help you with night's lodging More info here

Perhaps you've got a question: are there digility contests? In the first place it is meant for pleasure, but on your request we can organize a ceremony for regular attendees in October, including prizes and jury. Before that we will have a poll at to be sure that nobody is against it. And if not, we will hold this event at the end of October.

The first training day is the 28.04.2007 and further every second Saturday till the end of October! You can join us any time. We hope, this will be a pleasure for you and your dog!

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