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Agronet OOO: a registered trade mark

Agrooeko means:
  • Right keeping and feeding of animals
  • No genetic interference
  • No artificial fertilizers or injections
  • No unnecessary supplements, aromatizers or dies
  • careful and natural processing of food products
  • Quality suitable for gourmets

    Giving feed!

    To a dogs home! Our project manager would like to give over the dry feed left after her dog had died last summer.

    It is important for us that at your organization dogs are kept in good conditions and have medical service (it is well known, that in some places(apartments) dogs are kept in dozens, get very little walks and nobody takes case of their health).

    To pick up the feed you are kindly asked to come to the Astrakhansky per. (next to the Prospect Mira metro station).

    We do not exclude the possibility of further support of your organization: we will keep you in mind with our events in summer!

    Please e-mail us the details of your organization.

    A Swiss framer in Russia

    Don't be surprised: this is not an typo! The Agronet owner is a Swiss farmer who came to Russia to make his dream come true. He always dreamed about a big farm. Just think about it: 231 ha of rented state land and 20 ha of a commercial zone with cattle-breeding facilities and utility houses. In Europe this would be impossible. Take Switzerland: such a vast territory is simply not available, because villages are so close to each other. Swiss farmers get good compensations for this, which, however, limit their entrepreneurial freedom.

    Today Agronet is a young and quickly developing firm. The farming is managed in full accordance with modern European technologies and know-how. At the same time we firmly stand on the Russian soil: animals, machines, feeds are bought in Russia: they should correspond to the local climate. Besides investing into animals, their feeding, harvesting? we also invest into training of our employees.

    From the very start we've thinking of the way of coming to the market with our products, and tried to make it easier for our products to reach our customers. This is the reason why on December 15th, 2006 we opened our web site. The products we would like to offer and deliver to you is high-quality lamb meat (A1), fresh herbs and crispy carrots, but for this we need time!

    So far we would like to offer you products for your pets: puzzles and healthy herbs for dogs.

    We offer healthy herb mixes for prevention care of your dogs, in particular for bigger dogs. Mixes and feed supplements coming from ecologically pure sources help to ease the aging process, strengthen the immune and digesting system and do much more. The mixes, of course, will not replace a visit to a veterinarian, but they will help you to support your four-footed friend and reduce his suffering from existing diseases.

    For best effect we can also make herb mixes specially for your dog! Such individual approach may be needed for older dogs and dogs with chronic diseases or recovering after an acute disease.

    To prepare such a herb mix we will need all the details about your pet: its diagnosis, age, breed and gender. We kindly ask you to write this information in the "Notes" window next to the "Basket" sign. The more you tell us about your dog, the more precisely we will preapare the herb mix! You can also consult our physician regarding all the questions about herb mixes.

    Our physician from Europe will be glad to answer your questions and will advise you on prevention of dogs diseases, will tell you how to make it easier for a dog to recover and will recommend best food.

    Please send your questions at E Mail. We are using Yandex e-mail service, because we do not want to get spam.

    In urgent cases you can also call: Monday-Thursday
    from 2 till 4 p.m.
    Tel. 8 915 057 69 39 Please remember, that without seeing your dog, the physician cannot diagnose, and this consultation will never replace seeing a veterinarian!
    Our intellectual games for dogs will make the friendship between your dog and you stronger. The games develop your dog's logical thinking, and besides that, simply help to while away the nasty-weather days when playing.

    All our puzzles are made in Russia at our farm. They are made of 100% wood, no chemicals were used.

    Note: we never sell living animals! We slaughter with humane means stipulated by European standards!

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