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Tracking In principle, this is a dogs sport, unlike other sports it meets the most natural needs of a dog. The conditions of this sport are suitable for every healthy dog. Such individual features as height, breed, character or age are less important. It is also not very important how old the master is. He/she should be able to follow the track with the dog and be patient, consistent and have self-control.

You should remember one thing: in this sport it is the dog who should be active. If it does not feel like it and refuses to join, it won't do any good. It depends on us, if we can motivate the dog and make it want to search.

Every person has his/her own smell. The dog remembers it and is guided by it when learning jow to get on a track. It can be a smell of any person, or a smell of some specific person, for example, the master. These smells help the dog to find the way when it is taught to get on a track.

Taking as a basis the principle that dogs sport is a team sport, we bring a positive attitude to our work with the dog. If you want to be a success in this sport, much depends on the positive contribution of your dog.
Anything else will only end up as a failure and will involve unnecessary mistakes and difficulties. This occupation should be a pleasure and be interesting both for the dog and its master.
Sweetmeats are one of the means motivating the dog for the search, this is the easiest way to do it. Most tasty are sausages and cheese.

It is supposed that before this lesson the dog has already had parkour, so it has a good appetite.

Tracking game for beginners

For beginning the track is not longer than 100 m! Before the start your dog is taught the "search" command, at this moment you give it something tasty. Every dog has its own route and its own sweetmeats.

To prevent your dog from the habit of eating everything it finds on the ground, we ask you to bring the sweetmeats with you, so that they have your smell. At the end of the route the dog finds a box with the prize, you will open it and give the tasty contents to your dog. It is important that it gets it from your hands.

For beginners we put the sweetmeats on a one meter distance, but later we make the distances between the sweetmeats longer and the length of the route come from 100 to 150 m. After the dog has had 15 routes and if it can get the trace without your help (if you just follow it), it joins the group of advanced dogs. You can also get from us a booklet for you to exercise at home.

Please note:

At the very beginning it is not recommended that a dog makes more than one route a day.

Tracing game for advanced

The routes here are not straight, but have some curves, the sweetmeats are put on the distance of 4-5 steps from each other, and your dog learns to find also other objects.


Before the game let your dog have some rest: it will be best if it sits in a car with an open window for 10 minutes. After the game the dog also needs a small break, if you want to further have digility.

Every dog gets its own route. There is an approximately 10 m distance between them. You can find information about digility and parkour HERE. The tracing game does not presuppose any exams later, it should simply bring pleasure to you and your dog. e-mail of the trainings

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